Are you prepared to answer?


Join us for a free Replay of Prepared To Answer

“Does science disprove God?”

“Is the New Testament reliable?”

“Did Jesus really rise from the dead?”

“Would a good God allow pain and suffering?”

“Is God against gay people?”

“Which is true: Christianity or Islam?”

The Bible says that we should,  "be prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have in us."  It also says, "the the name of God is blasphemed because of you."  I believe that this latter is not only the result of unbecoming conduct, but also when we mis-represent the Good News.  It pushes people away.  This seminar is another layer of equipping from many of our previous small groups in the last few semesters.  We hope that it will further help you process and communicate the heart of God in our generation.    Come Check it out on June 30th from 10-2 pm