Starting  Feb. 26th

Re-Setting Your FOCUS

Life happens, we make mistakes, our dreams get crushed and we can start to slide into purposelessness.  We begin going through the motions and  expect nothing to change.  In essence we lose our FOCUS and become stagnant.  

In this new series we will talk about coming back from "Victories and 'Defeats' in Faith," How to "Dream Again," Begin "Doing Something with my Life…Career, Future, Personal life," and more.  We will start this series by talking about what we do when it looks like the "Dream" God put in our hearts had died.  When we've been abandoned, forgotten, and falsely accused.  We will look at four things that will keep us FOCUSed until the dream comes into fruition.  

It will be a powerful time to Re-set your Focus and move forward into what is important for your current season of life. Join us on Feb 26th @ 10:30 am.

120 E. 5th in Downtown Sedalia  

(Corner of 5th and Lamine)