Ways to connect

There are many ways to Connect, Belong, and Grow @ BFC.  There are many ministry and growth opportunities as well as ways to help out in the community.  Below you will see a few such ways.  Along with these opportunites there are regular and special opportunities to Connnect, Belong, and Grow with us.  We hope to see you soon.

BFCare Room

Monthly we have what is called a "Community Download."  We bring lightly used items that are then passed on to others in the community.  Along with this, we also established a CAREROOM that contains clothing, shoes, coats, household items and etc that are free to anyone who wants them.  At current the room is open before and after any of our services.

Community Connections

We have various connections in the community in efforts to help those around us.  

  • We have various things going on at Anthony Buckner Apartments and will include partnering with Open Door's Summer Lunch Program if you would like to help.
  • Lincoln Hubbard Community Group was established to help deal with issues and mend community connections.   At this point we meet on a needs basis as issues arise.
  • We are also connected with other community organizations that help to provide some relief to those in need.