Loving God, 

Loving people,

Making difference

We believe that as we are Loving God He transforms us and empowers our lives.  In turn He enables us to Love People the way He loves them which causes us to Make a Difference among those He send us to both near and far from us.



SHARE - To help bring people into a personal and living relationship with God as we share our live and our faith with others.

GROW - Develop spiritually mature believers so that they fulfill God’s intent for their lives. 

TOUCH - To make a difference in the community and across the world in the love of God in practical ways.

RELEASE – Further release disciples into the work and ministry that God is calling them into.

Belong, Connect, Grow

Belong just as you are, Connect with others on a similar journey, and Grow in your walk with God.

As a church, we desire to be active is sharing the love of Christ and making a positive impact in our community. We desire our church to be a place where people feel truly welcomed and accepted no matter where they are in life. Whether those who attend are far from God but searching, recovering from something, or already ready to serve, there is a place for everyone. No one has arrived!

We want our church to look like our city! We desire to be a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic body of believers who seek to honor God, care for one another, fellowship, and grow with one another. Where children and youth will participate in church services using their gifts and talents through drama, dance, music and other ministries as they realize their purpose in God and learn to Live For Him. All ages have something to offer.

We desire our praise and worship to help people express their hearts to God and receive direction, healing, peace, and direction. We want people feel free to worship not constrained or out of place.

We work to make sure that the ministry of the word will be relevant and practical to our lives so that people can grow in their walk with God.