We believe that it is important that kids Know God and begin walking with Him at an early age, so we offer Bethel Kids, J12, and other ministries to help them on this journey.  God has blessed us with an awesome team of people who serve in this ministry!

After a collective time of singing together, starting at 10:30, the kids are dismissed to their separate ministry areas based on their ages.  We have ministry and spaces planned for those in the nursery, Bethel Kids, and J12.  When they arrive, they will do a few songs of their own followed with a message/lesson specifically designed for them. 

Join us @ 10:30 am

Bethel Kids

Bethel Kids is currently walking through Transformation Station!  It is a  powerful curriculum that begins with "God Made Me For A Purpose".   It will be a fun and exciting for the kids as they learn throughout the series.   Here are a few lessons in the series: 

Lesson 1 - God Made Your for a Reason

Lesson 2 - Build Your Life on Jesus

Lesson 3 - The Holy Spirit is Here for You

Lesson 4 - Choose to Obey God's Word

Lesson 5 - Trust Your God

Lesson 6 - God Answers Prayer

Lesson 7 - Hold on to the Promises of God

Lesson 8 - Love isn't a Feeling

Lesson 9 - Jesus is the Way

Lesson 10 - Problems will come, Don't Quit on God

Lesson 11 - Seek God's Wisdom for Your Life

Lesson 12 - You Should Want What God has for You More than Anything Else

Lesson 13 - Stay on Course with God


J12 is for kids that in 5th to 7th grade.  It focuses on helping them to  "Be About The Father's Business"  

There are many lesson's taught throughout this group that can have a tremendous impact on the lives of the kids who engage it!  

More Info:

The testimony of Jesus at 12 is is the template on how to reach a generation. Jesus spoke 7 words at the age of twelve and our heart, belief, and passion is for tweens to live those same 7 words today. J12 is much more about creating a culture to thrive and much less about providing programing to continue their boredom. If tweens get the 7 words of Jesus in their spirit, they will not need programming to live like Jesus, but will instead live like Jesus because of their love for the Father and His business. “I Must” is an interactive series with Gregg Johnson, the Founder of J12, and “The Dude” (an original cartoon tween). In this series, Gregg and “The Dude” highlight the 7 powerful words Jesus spoke when He was 12 years old. When Jesus was 12 He said, "I must be about My Father's business" (Luke 2:49 NKJV). Gregg Johnson and the “The Dude” teach the lessons and give you time to discuss topics they suggest along the way. Each week there is a teaching, review, game, and small group discussion time all hosted by characters on the video curriculum. The kids will be dismissed to J12 from the main service.