Fall Semester Growth groups

It is our desire that everyone connects in a group!  If we’re honest, we realize that we don’t get everything that we need to be effective and growing followers of Christ in a Sunday morning service.  We don’t  really KNOW nor are we  KNOWN by others who are trying to live for God just like you are.    We don't    get to know new(er) people that are just starting or getting back to God who may want or need the encouragement.  We can’t fully encourage, stand with, or comfort one another.


So, our groups not only help us to grow in our walk with God, but also helps us to live out Biblical mandates towards others.  Groups also helps to potentially develop acquaintances, friendships, and connections with others in other life activities that we enjoy.   


In addition to all of this, we also use groups as a discipleship tool develop new leaders, equip people in ministry, and also to help people Find Freedom in their lives through prayer and the various interactions the Holy Spirit uses during your group.


THE FOCUS!  This semesters groups will focus on three areas of our personal development.  Prayer, Dealing with Anxiety, and Discerning the Voice of God; which really is at the epicenter of our walk with God.  You will also serve with you group, do a fun activity, and do something to serve the community at the close of the semester. 



You can sign up for a group on your communication card on Sundays, or online.  Initial sign-ups will determine the dates, locations, and times when a group will meet.   Childcare will be available.  We will talk about this on the 23rd.  Put these two important dates on your calendar. 


       9/23   We will have “Group Sunday” Reception to kick off all the groups.     

    9/30   You will meet with your group to cover your Week 1 material.

It’s going to be a great semester, Pastor Billy          

The Offerings for this semester are: 

Overwhelmed, Penetrating the Darkness, and Discerning the Voice of God.  

  •  You can listen to a portion of OverwhelmedClick Here:  click on (listen) underneath the book.  

                                                          SEE THE FLIER HERE fallgroups_2018.pdf    

Hang tight while we prepare your form...